Free BT Wi-Fi for BT Broadband and BT Mobile customers. With BT Broadband and BT Mobile, you get free access to the UK's largest wi-fi network - that means more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Connect for as long as you like and save your mobile data for when you really need it. Log in to hotspots using your BT …

Wi-Fi speed can vary depending on a few things: the type of device you are using, distance between the device and your router or point, the frequency your devices are connected to, and physical barriers like walls in your home. To improve your Wi-Fi speed, try one or more of these steps: Move the connected device closer to your Wifi router or WordPress site is slow using BT Broadband Wifi | WordPress site is slow using BT Broadband Wifi. penster74 (@penster74) 7 months, 3 weeks ago. Case Study – BT Wi-fi –

WordPress site is slow using BT Broadband Wifi |

Fixed: Using BT wifi extender with Plusnet - Plusnet Community Since switching to Plusnet from BT, my Samsung smart tv, in the bedroom keeps buffering. I have a BT 1200 wifi extender I do not use. Does anybody know whether it can be made to work with Plusnet. How to set up 11ac Dual Band Wi Fi Extender 1200 using WPS

Jan 11, 2017 · lumia 950xl using bt wifi hi I have just purchased this Lumia 950xl after owning a nokia Lumia 1020 which you could get the bt wifi from the app store but when I go to the app store in the 950 xl there is no bt wifi app I have to keep entering my bt details to get connected to hotspots can anyone help? thanks.

Nov 12, 2015