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I have been following the following link to setup an Ethernet Bridge on my Fedora 18 system. I had OpenVPN working under a router config, but needed to change to an Ethernet Bridge for IP consistency purposes. When I try to run OpenVPN the process is now failing attempting to run the bridge-start script. Any help would be appreciated!

Feb 07, 2019 · Bridge Interface. This setting does not create the bridge, it only indicates to OpenVPN which interface will be used for the bridge. In most cases, this is LAN. This controls which existing IP address and subnet mask are used by OpenVPN for the bridge. Setting this to none will cause the Server Bridge DHCP settings below to be ignored.

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Bridged Windows 7 Connection Not - For our stay-at-home lives, over a month ago I setup a bridged Ethernet VPN between a Raspberry Pi at home as the client, and an office lab Hyper-V VM running Debian as the server so that I could access of the lab VLANs of my choice directly as a support engineer, via VLAN trunking. Works great. OpenVPN - Community Help Wiki