Jul 01, 2020 · Best DNS servers of 2020. 1. Cloudflare (Great for Gaming/PS4/XBOX One) 2. Google (Great for Gaming/PS4/XBOX One) 3. OpenDNS. 4. QUAD9.

Jan 02, 2019 · Based on the benchmark results, I would recommend the best DNS settings as below for fastest speed and no censorship: Fastest performance DNS setting- Primary:, Secondary:; Peace of mind a.k.a Google DNS setting- Primary:, Secondary:; How to check the best DNS Nov 09, 2018 · However, the Cloudflare Public DNS is one of the best DNS servers for privacy and security. And, of course, the speed boost is an added plus. They do not log IP addresses. Hence, your browsing activity is private. They do not sell your information or use it to show you targeted ads. Google Public DNS. Google Public DNS Servers are fast, reliable, and free. May 25, 2020 · Visit the OpenNIC’s website to find more reliable DNS servers. 8. Dyn. Dyn is the next best free third-party DNS server in the list. It provides amazing web experiences and protects your information from most phishing attacks. Set up your network settings with the below DNS IP addresses to use Dyn DNS server. Dec 04, 2019 · #2. Comodo Secure DNS. This DNS server is mostly used for gaming. It is reliable, safe, and gives good speed to the internet. If you want this DNS server, you have to change your IP address to and This server is operated at 5 continents and 15 locations in all over the world. This server is always aware of the latest web

2 days ago · The company has a solid range of app support, running on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, FireTV and routers. Additional devices such as game consoles can be configured for Surfshark via DNS settings

Change DNS Settings on a Router. But many routers are user-configurable, meaning that you could set the DHCP to use whichever DNS Server you like. This can be a bit technical and isn’t a project for computer novices. If you mess it up, you can knock your whole network offline until you (or a technician from your ISP) restores the correct Jul 22, 2020 · Cloudflare DNS is the best dns for gaming for those who play online games. It can be a relief to all the gamers as it is completely reliable. This DNS server has got some of the best features that can come in handy to any of the gamers. The company aims at DNS neutrality.

Jul 16, 2009 · Comcast cable internet dns servers are as follows: National DNS Server IP Address. Primary DNS IP: ; Secondary DNS IP:; Select Your City / State. Use the following table to find out nearest dns server for your location. This will speed up your dns name resolution.

CenturyLink Domain Name Server (DNS) Devices connected to the CenturyLink network are automatically assigned a domain name server or DNS. If for some reason you need to statically assign DNS you'll find all the pertinent information below.